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United States
Hey, I am Scaredy Scrow or Scrow for short.

I'm like a pet rock, I don't do much and I am not house trained. But, if you are lonely and need someone to harass, I am your go-to punching bag. Go ahead, hit me! I promise not to cry too much.


I'm new to DA so if I'm doing something wrong, feel free to publicly shame me.


Tagged by Sataniccals and ICantStopPooping
If you are into good art go ---> :iconsataniccals:
If you are into good art with four legs go ---> :iconicantstoppooping:

People I want to bother:
:iconsodamnweird: :iconeuhz: :icondramon-of-the-fire:
:iconchibimuffin: :iconteethys: :icononeiri:
:iconjustmort: :iconpheromoan:
And anyone else who wants to be a nerd and do this meme

But please, call me by my street name
(puts on sunglasses)
Little Puddin' Tater.

Star Sign:
Capricorn 4 life

Average hours of Sleep:
Depends, between 7-5 hours

Lucky Numbers:
0, 2, 12, 24, 134

Last thing I googled:


When I made this account and why:
I made this account three months ago. 
Um, I was in this huge rut because I hated myself.
This whole sell-loathing thing got pretty annoying quick so
I decided to set up shop here to get out there and meet cool artists
(And I have, whats up you cool babies?)

Amount of Watchers:
(squints at hand)
Wow what a bunch of nerds

What I post:
Whatever I finish on the computer and requests from online strangers and irl friends. (though they don't know that)
I kinda want to post my sketchbook stuff here but I think you all would be concerned
So many thicc grandpas help

Blog Posts:
I have a tumblr that I was going to use for an art blog but so far Ive just been looking at TAZ art
Please send help

I'm being harrassed by 14 year olds
Please leave dadcrow alone
Im too old for your shenanigans 

Why I chose this username:
SO like
theres this tumblr post somewhere
"Why did the scarecrow get a Promotion?"
"Because he was outstanding in the field"
And theres a picture of a scarecrow standing out in a field
sweating and making a hnnn face
And I was like
This scarecrow gets me
So thats how ScaredyScrow was born
(also im a lil babo who scared of everything)
Dusk Practice
Just a quick practice of Dusk before I work on my entry for reenari contest.
Oh gosh, I didn't realize how dark I made the skin sob. 

Dusk belongs to reenari.
(OPEN) 800+ watchers contest!!!!PRIZES
- 1 month core membership / 400 points
- 1 full body + 1 half body + a chibi OR pagedoll from me
- 1 full body from P--ara 
- 1 half body from planetier 
- 1 half body from SnivytheW
- 1 bust from KumaTheMouse
- 1 icon from AcidicFox
- 250 points
- 1 half body + a chibi OR pagedoll from me
- 1 bust from planetier 
- 1 pixel headshot from Totoro-Draws
- 1 pagedoll from DaxyXD
- 1 icon from AcidicFox
- 100 pts
- 1 chibi OR pagedoll from me
- 1 full body from Logan-Morpheus
- 1 icon from MarisaThePirateFox
- 1 icon from AcidicFox
all participants
10 points :3c
if anyone would like to offer some prizes pls leave a comment aah ;v;

- Anyone can enter! (aka you don't have to be watc

I'll be entering, I am thinking about drawing dusk.
Pyrites are manipulative, vile little gems used by the gem empire to infiltrate rebellions and other galactic empires. Pyrites specialize in intelligence gathering, extended shape shifting, and instigating chaos within groups. The population of pyrites is kept small and heavily supervised because of their specializations; pyrites are only made if one is shattered. It has been rumored by gem scholars that the short leash was due to an attempt at replacing a Diamond with a disguised Pyrite. Pyrites must always be kept separate. 
Pyrite has just recently been created and given a mission to study the humans as a test of her abilities. Unlike her sisters, Pyrite is naive and not particularly bright, often times oblivious of her own calculating nature. Curiosity rules most of her actions, causing her and her assigned Clinoclase to end up in some pretty bad situations. Pyrite loves Earthlings and their culture, though she struggles with whether she truly adores them or if its her Pyrite instincts that makes her mimic humans. Pyrite is still learning about who she is, what her place in the gem empire is, and if that is who she wants to be. Thankfully, her loyal Clinoclase will be at her side whatever path she decides.

Current Location: Earth
Diamond: Yellow Diamond
Servant: Clinoclase
Weapon: Scissor Gauntlet
Summoning Emotion: Curiosity
Pronoun: She/Her
Dance Style: Does flailing around count?
Likes: Cold soda, collecting, observing, asking way too many questions, dogs
Dislikes: Orders, rain, mean people, cars, seagulls
Weaknesses: Stairs
Abilities: Extended Shape shifting, sound mimicry 


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